Chrome Tips and Tricks

Along with extensions and settings, there are also a variety of ways that you can adjust Chrome to better meet your needs.

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Pin Tab

When you open your Chrome browser, there are likely tabs that you open every day—your email, Google Drive, or attendance page. In order to make this process faster, you can choose to “pin” one or more tabs. This creates a smaller tab to the left of your regular tabs. This small “pinned” tab will reappear every time you open your Chrome browser.

To pin a tab, right click on the tab you want to pin and then select “pin tab.”

Shorten bookmarks

The bookmark bar is a great place to keep links to websites you visit frequently. Unfortunately, space is limited and often bookmarks end up in a folder instead of easily visible on the bookmark bar. The good news is that bookmark wording can be shortened or even completely eliminated, leaving only the icon for the page. This saves room and allows you to keep more of your frequently visited sites readily available.

To shorten a bookmark, right click on the bookmark and then select “edit.” From here you can shorten or change the title of the bookmark, or if the page has an easily identifiable icon, delete the words completely.

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