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8:00 AM08:00

Closing the Gap-Google Slides-Beyond the Slideshow

Beyond the Slide-Show! Come and learn ways to utilize Google Slides in ways you never knew possible. If you are already familiar with Google Slides and are ready to take your knowledge to the next level, join us for this fast paced session. Participants will learn about add-ons and tools that will add features such slides being read out loud, closed-captioning and more to the slide deck. This session will then focus on ways to use Google Slides for more than the slide show- creating templates, handouts, posters, visual schedules, and worksheets with features that can be manipulated and moved by students!

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11:00 AM11:00

Closing the Gap- Behavior Is Communication-Come Find a Way To Reach All Learners

Behavior can disrupt an entire classroom, but is often an attempt to communicate. Students who struggle academically or socially will often display behaviors that alienate them from their peers and classroom. Come and learn ways to use accessible technologies to engage all learners in your classroom. After a brief discussion about behavior, participants will learn about tools for helping students learn self-regulation skills and ways to adapt your lessons to reach every student in your room. Leave with new ideas for using technology to reach your most difficult students.

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2:00 PM14:00

Closing the Gap

What Can I Use? Learn Tools You Can Use Today! (Two-Block Session) Updated Tools and Apps for 2018!

Learn how to integrate technology into your classroom to engage all learners and think outside of the box to use simple technology to make learning accessible to all. Participants in this session will be active learners in utilizing iPads, apps, extensions and websites that are easily integrated into daily teaching: including Kahoot, Explain Everything, QR Codes, Padlet, Osmo, Google Forms, Chrome Extensions, Read and Write for Google, Pip, Sphero and more. Focus on techniques for including all students in the classroom, collecting data and using technology to facilitate student independence. Bring your device and play along, learn shortcuts, time-savers and best of all, tools you can use in your classroom immediately.

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