Low-Tech Writing Supports

Writing is a task that students are required to do from early childhood classes through graduation. While some students require high-tech supports, many students benefit from simple, low-tech aids to be successful writers. Many of these are available in classrooms already and can be used or adapted as Assistive Technology supports for writing.

A pencil with 4 pencil grips

Pencil grips

For a student who struggles with fine-motor skills, a simple pencil grip can assist the student in grasping the writing tool.

4 three ring binders. one pink, one white, one yellow, and one with polka dots

Slant Board

A slanted flat surface upon which writing paper is placed to enable an easier angle for seeing and writing. This can be as simple as a binder placed in front of the student, or can be a slant board purchased specifically for this purpose.

Picture of paper with wide lines

Raised line paper

Writing paper can be purchased or created with lines that are raised off of the paper to create a slight barrier to the writing utensil. This aids in the formation of legible letters.

an open dictionary page


A paper dictionary or thesaurus is a writing tool students can use for spelling words or finding alternate words.

a single page of paper with blue lines

Wide line paper

Paper can be purchased or created with wider lines to allow for additional writing space.

a blue three ring binder with a graphic organizer that is 4 ovals with lines for writing.

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers become assistive technology when they are necessary for a student to organize ideas prior to writing. This method is taught in many classrooms but can also be used across all areas to support writing.