When customizing or adding extensions to Chrome, it is very important to be signed into the Chrome web browser itself—not simply your Google account—so the extensions you add and any changes you make are saved within your Chrome account. This not only ensures that the changes you make remain on the devices you are currently using, but also allows you to sign into Chrome on any device and have all of your settings and extensions automatically adjusted.

In order to sign into your Chrome web browser account, select the icon to the right of the omnibar. If you are currently signed in, it will show your image or initial. If you are not signed in, it will show an image of a silhouette.

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This icon will open up a menu. Click the blue “Turn on Sync” button to sync your Chrome account to this browser.

This will bring you to the Google sign-in page that looks very similar to the page you see when you sign into Google Drive or Gmail. However, this time you will be signing into the entire Chrome browser so that all settings will be linked to your Chrome account.

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