High Tech Reading Supports

When low-tech reading supports are not enough to help students improve fluency and comprehension, high text reading supports become an important option to consider. High Tech reading supports range from easily accessible tools such as audio books, to more individualized reading programs and computer programs.

Reading Pen

There are multiple brands of reading pens that read words out loud when the pen is passed over them.


Provides text in a digital format- text can be enlarged, the font changed, screen brightness adjusted, and many e-readers will read text aloud.


Software for reading text aloud such as Kurzweil and Wynn provide comprehensive solutions for all text that needs to be read on a computer or laptop.



Website that simplifies text so it is easier to read.

reading apps

There are many apps that will read text aloud. New apps for this with additional features are introduced to the app store regularly.

Chrome extensions

There are many chrome extensions that provide text-to speech. Each has different abilities. For more information visit the Chrome Extension page.