High-Tech Writing Supports

Writing is a task that students are required to do from early childhood classes through graduation. Some students are successful with Low-Tech Supports. There are also additional High-Tech tools that can provide more intensive help. Many of these are available within platforms, such as Chromebooks, laptops, and iPads, that are readily available in schools.

a black keyboard with a cord


Simply allowing a student to type on a keyboard instead of hand-writing text may provide enough support.

a photo of the letters “abc” in a box with a green checkmark

Editing tools

Software, apps, extensions, and/or websites that provide instant editing for punctuation, grammar, spelling and more are now built into many platforms, including Google for Education.

an open laptop with a graphic organizer that consists of four circles overlapping. A woman stands behind the laptop and a hand points at the screen from the front.

Digital Graphic Organizers

Just like paper graphic organizers, digital graphic organizers can help students organize their thoughts prior to writing. A digital format can be more flexible for students who like being able to add and delete content quickly.

A display of multiple keyboards. One has multiple colored keys, one has large keys, one is slanted. A woman stands behind the table

Specialized Keyboards

There are a variety of keyboards that connect via cord or Bluetooth for easier word processing.

  • Larger or smaller keys

  • One-handed keyboard

  • Tilted keyboard

  • Split keyboard

a person touching a screen


Touchscreens provide an opportunity for larger or specialized buttons to help with writing, or for text to be entered as complete words.

Digital Pens

Digital pens that record audio as well as a video file of the text as it is being written so the notes can be replayed later can help students who need to review the text they have written for editing.

Word Prediction

Word prediction suggests words as a student types, which aids in spelling, mechanics of typing, and free flow of ideas.

a man sits at a desk in front of a window. The sun is setting and the man is wearing headphones looking at a computer screen. He appears to be dictating words to the screen

Speech to text

A variety of tools can provide speech-to-text. Some devices have built in speech-to-text capabilities. Additionally, there are iPad apps and extensions for Chrome that add speech-to-text capability.

Writing programs

Many specialized writing programs help students write by providing pre-programmed words or phrases that students can click or touch to place into text.

an up close view of a tablet with the world digital and it’s definition

Digital Dictionary

Built-in digital dictionaries and thesauruses enable students to quickly find synonyms and definitions.

four notebooks in red, blue, aqua, and black

Specialized notebooks

New notebooks allow written notes to be instantly uploaded to multiple storage locations such as Google Drive, email, and more. This makes the process of writing digitally easier for students who struggle with additional steps needed for storage.