Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a well-known web browser used in many homes and schools. With the rising popularity of the cost-effective Chromebook, this browser is a go-to for many schools. While the browser is powerful with its navigation and simple layout, there are many features that add functionality and accessibility.

an open laptop sits on a person’s lap


Extensions are small software programs that customize the Chrome web browser. They work in conjunction with the pages you are interacting with and add tools and additional functions to the browser.

Browser features AND Settings

From adding shortcuts to customizing fonts and providing synchronization across an unlimited number of devices, Chrome has many options for customization to make the browsing experience unique for each user.

a drawing of the Chrome logo with arms and legs holds a wrench and two puzzle pieces

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Tips and Tricks

Chrome provides many additional tools and features that may not be readily observed by a user. Click below to learn tips and tricks for making Chrome even more user-friendly.