New Google Forms Feature

Going through some conference handouts tonight… I opened up a Google Form and a notification popped up about a new feature. Sometimes these are useful, sometimes they aren’t something that makes a huge difference for me, sometimes-like tonight- I am so excited I don’t know if I will be able to sleep without trying it out!

If you are a Google Form user, you know that you have to type in each question you want to use. Sometimes this means that you will be putting in the same question across multiple forms. While you can duplicate the entire form and edit, that often means more changes in formatting, or even more difficult- changes in conditional flow of forms. Google Forms now allows us to select a previously used form and then select which specific questions from that form we want to pull into our newly created form! Even better, it also keeps track of recently used questions so we can pull them in quicker!

Time to go try it out.