Be My Eyes

I just got the wonderful opportunity to be eyes for a person without sight. I recently heard about and signed up for an app called “Be My Eyes.” This is an app that connects sighted volunteers with a person without sight who needs eyes to complete a task.

When you sign up, it warns that it may take weeks before you receive a call, due to the large number of volunteers in comparison to the blind users. When a blind person has a need for eyes (for example, by identifying a color of shirt to match a pair of pants), they use the app to call. The call goes out to a group of volunteers; whoever answers first takes the call. This process of sending the call to multiple volunteers at once ensures that the blind user gets the needed assistance and it allows a volunteer to be able to miss or refuse a call if it comes in during a time they are not able to help.

I signed up for the app yesterday and sure enough, today my phone lit up with a message saying that I was receiving a call from Be My Eyes. Even though I had watched the videos, I was still a bit nervous about answering because it was new, but answered immediately. I got the opportunity to talk to a wonderful woman who needed to read the date on her yogurt. It turns out the expiration date was in September, so she told me she was going to throw it away and thanked me for my help. I wished her a good evening and the call was completed in under two minutes. It was both fun and rewarding for me to be able to help, and she sounded happy that she did not need to test expired yogurt by eating it.

To learn more about Be My Eyes, check out the video or use the link to go to their website.